Q. Do you paint any type of house?

A. Yes we do, please see our services for more information

Q. Do you provide a comprehensive quote

A. Yes, we will quote the job in entirety before commencing

Q. Do you wallpaper

A. Yes, wallpapering is one of Bradley Paintings specialties, please see more details under Wallpapering section

Q. Are you able to remove stains from walls?

A. Stain removal prior to painting is one of the expert services we carry out

Q. Can you work with other trades?

A. At Bradley painting we often work in conjunction with builders , developers etc to get the right job completed for the client.

Q. Do you work with insurance claims?

A. We work with a lot of insurance companies in providing quotes and finalising work for clients.

Q. Are you able to advise on Heritage restoration work?

A. Heritage restoration is a specialty of Bradley Painting, for more information please refer to our services page.

Q. Is roof restoration a service offered by you?

A. Roof restoration can be complex and we take pride in offering a comprehensive service here.

Q. Can you spray paint my building to save money?

A. Spray painting is a fast method for covering large areas of work. However it requires specific conditions to undertake, please see our services section on Spray Painting for more detail.

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