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Whether it’s your home or investment property, Bradley Painting caters to all internal and external residential painting needs. There are a number of reasons why people chose to repaint their family home or investment property and in consultation with you, Bradley Painting can help you achieve the best result.

Some considerations are;

Modernising the look and feel of the property.

Whether it be a change of colour, painting out existing timberwork or adding decorative features such a plasterwork or wallpaper. Our free colour consultancy is a useful service to advise on interior design aspects such as how to make a small dark room feel more spacious and lighter and how using neutral colours will allow a natural flow from one room to another.

Preparing a property for sale.

It is important to discuss whether you’re looking for a short-term freshen up or long-term solution. Bradley Painting can advise on cost efficiencies such as selection of colours that will require less coats, or by using colours that highlight specific features of the property, or whether furniture removal is possible so that ceilings or rooms can be spray painted. We will also advise on the aesthetic maintenance of cracks and repairs.

Attending to building maintenance or repairs such as replacing rotting timberwork or rusted gutters.

Professional preparation and a final well-painted surface will protect the underlying building material from unnecessary exposure to the elements, which will extend the life of the building. Bradley Painting also fix both minor or major cracking issues prior to painting and can supply and install decorative features such as ceiling roses, architraves, cornice work and wallpaper.

Bradley Painting has the right tools for the job, meaning nothing is too high or hard to reach. External painting of traditionally difficult areas such as multi-storey homes, lofty rooftops and chimneys are a breeze. 

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