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There is a real art to wallpapering. As its popularity has come in and out of vogue over the years, the art has been left to a few specialists to do it right. 

At Bradley Painting, we are fortunate to have an expert whose career spans over 30 years to lead our team of wallpaper hangers. Wallpapering is currently going through a renaissance, especially amongst architects and interior designers. For those wanting that special finish, or statement piece to complete a job, wallpaper is in high demand.

By engaging Bradley Painting from the early specifying stage through to job completion removes any potential wallpapering pitfalls. The roll cost can be the most significant part of the project, so getting the correct amount ordered is vital. Knowledge of how pattern repeats, joins and edges will look and need to be treated is paramount to a great job.

With wallpapering, just like in painting, using inferior or improper materials will not create the desired end result. Whether it’s a domestic or commercial application, take the time to engage the professionals and the result will undoubtedly be what you were looking for. After all, at Bradley Painting, we offer a 5 year workmanship guarantee, and when it comes to wallpapering properly, there are no shortcuts!

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