Why Us?

Anyone can pick up a roller or brush and call themselves a painter or decorator. Just like anyone can pick up a spanner or wrench and call themselves mechanics. But what separates companies such as ours, Bradley Painting, is the experience, pursuit of excellence and accreditation we carry. 

Painting and decorating is a skilled job, a job whereby every project needs total consultation from the very beginning to the end.

At Bradley painting we pride ourselves on the approach we take with every single project undertaken. So much so that after we have received the feedback forms from our clients, given our 5 year workmanship guarantee and a 15 year product guarantee, we keep trying to improve every minor aspect of the business. 

Having a well credentialed, dedicated 35 plus person workforce certainly helps. We're not a team of apprentices, we are experienced in both domestic and commercial work. Each and every job has a dedicated supervisor assigned to it whom is in constant touch with the office and the client. 

We leave nothing to chance. Every project is scoped out whether it be calculating the amount of paper needed for a wallpapering job, or discussing the light aspect and therefore the exposure a building or wall will face from our harsh climate. Knowledge is our key and dedication to our industry is our driver. 

We won't leave you disappointed, nor will we leave you with regrets on trying to cut corners, because we don't.

Call us, we love talking about what it is were so passionate about. Painting and decorating.

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